Title   Unform

Year   2019

The project discusses a field of action between: idea and process. From the existential reflection: the constant impermanence, this work is made up of several versions and variations that do not result in an end point. In the visual translation of these values, it is concluded that: the process of acquiring form is the work itself. The works open a field of autonomous interpretation, to which each spectator in his reading time, projects his reality.

The experiments propose an antagonism to each other, representing contrasts and oppositions that can be applied in many areas of life. They express the dualities that exist in life, present both in emotions and in the material environment.

The first evoking a rational, mathematical and geometric side of thinking about the color planes built from light, using a square shape. The second, on the other hand, relates to a poetic aesthetic, they are like abstract drawings in which the presence of the artist and the trace are perceived.