Title   Try, think and risk

Year   2022

With the proposal of seeing everyday life with different lenses, Tom Catan does the exercise of deconditioning the eye, in order to escape the conventional and restrictive rules of the usual. This is shown in his project “Try, think and risk” in which visual experiments become reflections so that people can change the relationship with existing objects, and encourages them to carefully investigate common life and things that normally do not have interest.

The work is also a kind of manifesto and guide, which brings ten sentences for the viewer to create his own procedure related to the environment he inhabits. The designer believes that art can come from how we see our surroundings. He reinterprets chance and accident, protagonists of the aesthetic experiences. The objective is to question society and its dealing with materiality and its residues, proposing a new look.

︎ BA Hons Graphic Design graduate project
︎ Typeface: Massimo Grafia and Krasz

Artist Book, Instalation, Photography, Printing, Editorial
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